Katsia Prakopchyk was born in 1979 in Babruisk (Belarus). At the age of nine, she started to play the domra with Tatjana Varava and Jaraslau Valasiuk. After her first domra/mandolin studies with Nikolai Maretzki at the belarussian music academy in Minsk, she came to the university of music Cologne. There, a decisive influence on her musical development was Prof. Marga Wilden-Hüsgen with whom she finished her artistic instrumental education with distinction for the instruments mandolin and baroque mandolin. Under Prof. Caterina Lichtenberg she passed her concert examination.Because of her expressive playing and her extraordinary technical brilliance Katsia Prakopchyk won numerous prizes and awards, e.g.
1 prize at the International Mandolin Competition „ Raffaele Calace“ in Italy (2000),

1prize at the „ Internationalen Musik Turnier“ i n France (2004),

1 prize at the „Yasuo Kuwahara Wettbewerb für Mandoline Solo“ in Germany (2005),

1 prize at the „European Mandolin Award 2007“ of the EGMA in Greece.
Katsia Prakopchyk was supported by the „Hartmut und Lore Schuler Stiftung“ (Germany) und took part in the promotional program of the „Sellheim Gesellschaft“ and the music-social initiative „Menuhin Live Music Now“. Together with the guitar player Jan Skryhan “DOU LA CORDA”, she was selected by the magazine „concertino“ as the „Discovery of the Year 2006“.

As part of the „DUO LA CORDA“, one of the most successful duos of its kind, she undertook concert tours to Italy, France, Hungary, the Baltic countries and Japan. The Duo was awarded prizes of the chambermusic competition „Grand Prix, Ghitaralia“ (2001) in Poland and the „Erst Klassik“ (2004) in Germany.
Katsia Prakopchyk teaches at master classes, is often invited as jury-member of established mandolin and orchestra competitions and encourages the younger generation of performers through her pedagogical work.