MANDOLENIUM is a unique project by musicians Katsia Prakopchyk (mandolin), Jan Skryhan (guitar) and sand artist Alexandra Konofalskaya.

  • Katsia Prakopchyk
  • Alexandra Konofalskaya
    Sand artist
  • Jan Skryhan
During the concert, listeners can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the last 400 years.
The original music for mandolin and guitar, played on four different mandolins and four different guitars, comes from the composers Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Raffaele Calace, Nicolò Paganini and Radamés Gnatalli. Together with the sand painting in LIVE format, this concert leaves an unforgettable impression.
Fascinating playing technique, high artistic expressiveness and the absolutely precise interplay of music and sand painting take listeners of all ages into a fairytale story for 60 minutes. Music and sand painting merge into the art of one moment. Only here and now can you hear the sound and see the line, which is transformed into a magnificent work of art in a matter of seconds.

You will be enchanted!